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Attending a sporting event is always entertaining. To get the most out of it, however, requires knowledge and planning. Motor races are no exception to this rule, and understanding what happens at a race is key to gaining the maximum enjoyment. Here are some tips. 1. Ear protection. A NASCAR race car at full throttle produces about 130 decibels. Just one car. Open wheel cars are even louder. Stadium circuits […]

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As poker tournaments are more often viewed on television channels that declare a selected sports orientation, it is only natural that we ask ourselves if poker can be classified as a distinct sport, similar to tennis or basketball. Before we go on to debate whether poker is a sport in the true sense of the meaning, it is necessary to specify what a sporting activity stands for. A sport refers […]

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Your friends are starting to talk excitedly about the baseball post-season, and you’re still bemused that these otherwise intelligent people find fascination in a game with such a high standing around to action ratio. Nevertheless, you know that very soon their major focus, and that of millions of Americans like them, will be on something pretentiously called the World Series. So maybe it’s worth taking another look at the sport […]

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In the National Hockey League (NHL) as well as other professional hockey leagues, a typical hockey game lasts for three periods of 20 minutes each. The clock is stopped during every stoppage in play resulting in a total of 60 minutes of regulation playing time. However, if the score is tied at the end of this regulation time, overtime may be used to determine which team is victorious. Overtime is […]

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Ankles are one of the weaker joints in the human body and they are very easy to damage. As anyone who has experienced an ankle sprain or an ankle injury can attest, damaging your ankle is not a very pleasant experience at all. However, there are some basic steps that you can follow to protect your ankles when you are exercising. 1. Adopt a proper stretching routine. A lot of […]

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