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Energy For Everything You Do You’ve probably heard of aerobic and anaerobic respiration, which essentially refer to energy with oxygen (aerobic) and without (anaerobic). Aerobic respiration is the basic, constant type of energy that you’re supplied with. You breathe, flooding your arteries with oxygen-rich blood, which takes care of your body’s basic functions When you aren’t spending a lot of energy, aerobic respiration is sufficient by itself. Once you start […]

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Curling is a game of precision. The two teams involved in a game are vying to have the stone(s) closest to the center of the rings at the conclusion of each “end” (a portion of the game consisting of each team throwing eight stones). Whichever team succeeds is the team that gets the points for that end. Much of this precision depends on the ability of the team member throwing […]

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There was once a time when women were afraid of weight training. Back in those days, they were also afraid of looking strong. After all, June Cleaver and Donna Reed didn’t have muscles, did they? Times have changed. Women now know that just as strong women are desirable, strong muscles are beautiful. As such, they have embraced the power of the mighty weight. And such a power it is! Here […]

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Since the early 1990s, the National Hockey League (NHL) has expanded from twenty-one franchises to thirty franchises. While this expansion was happening it was heralded as a sign of the NHL’s success and future outlook. But not everything has not turned out as expected. For one thing, the addition of nine franchises meant the addition of about 200 roster players to the league. Even though the expansion coincided with an […]

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Many people never graduate to fully fledged cyclist because they’re too nervous about cycling on the road. They prefer to stick to the sidewalk or trail for their journey, seeing these as the safer options. But while you may have less chance of colliding with a motor vehicle when riding on the sidewalk, cycling this way is sometimes inconvenient. For starters, there are the pedestrians around whom you have to […]

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