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Gymnastics still does not fall under one specific dimension and is usually related as a sport and can also move onto the realm of being considered as an art. Gymnastic is all about the movement of the body working in perfect synchronization along with balance and making use of perfect strength and agility to bring about a choreographed sequence. Artistic gymnastics is a competitive sport which is increasing in the […]

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If you are looking to improve your billiards game then start practicing it harder because it is the only way you can improve your game. The techniques of your practice are very crucial. First, try and practice a same shot again and again until you feel that the accuracy of the shot is 100%. Then try the same shot from a different angle. For example, if you are practicing the […]

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Whenever one thinks of a game which is stylish, classy and at the same time includes a lot of physical activity, he can consider golf as one of the options. Usually people start playing golf as a hobby but as the time progresses this favorite past time can turn into a passion and later on, into a profession. If taken seriously, one must join a proper club to enhance the […]

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It’s that time again. Fall in the U.S. means back to school, back to work, pumpkins, autumn leaves and football! If you love football, this is your favorite time of year. But, if you are one of those people who can’t understand why your family and friends sit in front of the television on Sundays and watch a bunch of grown men knock each other down, you are probably rolling […]

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The greenside chip can be one of the most important shots to have in your armoury. Played well it can save you many strokes per round as it has the potential to turn a bogey into a par Let’s say you’ve just missed the green and are on the first cut of rough next to the fringe. You can’t really putt it from here because the ball could get caught […]

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