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The Italian national football team has a long and storied history. They have been in existence since the early 1900s; the first official match was against the French national team in 1910, a 6-2 victory for the Italians It was the first of many successes for one of the defining sports teams of Europe. The Italian football team has since won four World Cup championships, second most in the world […]

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With training camp for the 2011-2012 NHL season quickly approaching the status of the number one player in the world is still in question. Sidney Crosby, the 24 year-old superstar center for the Pittsburgh Penguins and probable future inductee into the Hockey Hall of Fame, has been sidelined by a concussion since receiving two blows to the head in consecutive games in early January. At the time, Crosby had built […]

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As in most sports, a curling game is won by the team that accumulates the most points. Therefore, to play or enjoy watching a game, it is important to understand how a team acquires points Each curling game consists often “ends” During each end, the teams alternate throwing a total of sixteen stones (eight stones each) toward the “house.” (The house is the set of rings at the other end […]

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