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A lot of amateur basketball players share the same dream of being able to dunk a basketball. Nothing beats driving the ball at high speed and then slamming it into the ring. A slam dunk is one of the simple things that tell how exciting, fast-paced, and action-packed the sport of basketball really is.

When dunking seems to be a fantasy

When it comes to dunking, there is a common misconception – only tall people could dunk. This is not true. Yes, tall people can dunk easily without even trying too hard. However, it is also possible for small sized basketball players to dunk a basketball. If your height is somewhere between 5’5 to 5’9, you might be thinking that dunking is not a reality. Well, you should not really put your hopes down too soon.

In the NBA, the smallest person able to dunk a basket is Spud Webb. With a height of 5’7, Webb has slammed a lot of dunks throughout his career. So what is his secret? There is not really any secret but there is one thing that you could do and that is to condition your body.

Cardiovascular training

Simply put, you should build up your cardiovascular strength. Set aside about three afternoons each week and do some sprints in these afternoons. You might also want to conduct training early in the morning. Run one hundred meters, take a break, and do it again. Sprinting will not only help boost your cardiovascular strength but your upper leg muscles will be conditioned as well.

Lower leg training

If you think that your cardiovascular strength is good enough for additional workout routines, you could add leg training to your afternoon workouts. Dunking is not purely based on height. It is also based on the strength of your lower leg muscles. Make your calf muscles strong enough so that you would be able to jump higher. The traditional tip toe raise exercise might seem a little easy for you. However, it can really help boos the strength of your lower legs.

Slam dunking practice

Practice makes perfect. That can also be applied in dunking. Try your best to reach the basketball rim. You might look like a fool to your friends and other spectators as you are jumping up and down below the basketball rim. However, you will get the last laugh – I assure you! If you consistently practise jumping and try reaching the rim with all your might, your efforts will get rewarded. After several weeks, you will be able to reach the rim with the tip of your fingers. In just a few months, you will be dunking basketballs without difficulties. Persistence can really pay off!


These are the things that you have to do if you really want to dunk a basketball and height is not on your side. Training is not easy and there are times when you will be tempted to give up. However, you won’t achieve anything if you give up. Consider the tips above and do them consistently. Gain the advantage over your basketball playmates by learning how to dunk a basketball today!

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