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One skill that is almost universal among the best basketball players is the ability to jump. Good basketball players understand that to stay competitive, they must be able to jump and jump high. Research has shown that there are two techniques that help to increase vertical jump distance. One is targeted jump roping and the other is basket visualization.

Use the rope effectively.

Some players use rope jumping when they work out, but they will almost certainly limit the effectiveness of their routines if they utilize the rope by itself. The important component of this method is increased resistance. To achieve this, you must use sand. It may sound odd, but jumping rope in soft sand will greatly improve your jumping ability. You don’t have to live near the beach either. You can build your own sandbox; it’s not expensive. Here’s how: using the least expensive lumber you can find, construct a 6 foot by 6 foot frame about 1 foot high. Lay that on the ground and then fill it with sand. You can purchase sand at just about any garden center.

Once you have a sandy location, make sure the sand is soft. That’s important. Then start your routine slowly with simple rope jumping in the sand using both feet. Slowly increase to 25 reps using both feet. This may sound easy, but the sand will not only absorb the impact created when you jump, but will absorb you also! Each time you land, you sink farther into the sand. This will force you to work twice as hard to rise into the air again. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this will tire you out. After you feel you have mastered this, move on to jumping on just one foot at a time, and increase this until you can jump this way 25 reps with each foot. Finally, try jogging in place with the jump rope for longer and longer periods of time. These techniques will strengthen your ankles and your calf muscles, giving you more power in each jump.

Visualize the basket

Many research studies have proven the validity of the saying “mind over matter.” The visualization of goals has been used to increase performance levels in many fields. Even cancer patients have used visualization to shrink tumors. Hoopsters can also use the technique of visualization to jump higher. Simply stand beneath the net with your eyes on the basket while taking deep breaths and trying to relax. Then visualize yourself jumping toward the rim, but here is the crucial part: don’t just imagine yourself traveling to the basket; you need to also imagine the basket traveling toward you. When you do this visualization, remember to imagine yourself actually grabbing the rim with your hands.

One of these techniques targets the body, and the other one targets the mind. Both elements are necessary to be a star player. Using these techniques together will almost certainly increase your vertical leap.

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